Referral Program

The Benefits of Partnering With AMZA Capital

As the owner of a small lending firm for real estate investment, refinance or development, you want to grow your business bigger and bigger. Of course, there is one common downside to this goal that affects many lending firms that are growing quickly. In fact, it is so common, it may have already happened to you. As you start attracting bigger and bigger clients, you may get a client whose needs are simply too big for you to meet. If this happens, it can feel like your hands are tied. Without the means to provide them with a loan, turning them away is your only option. That is, it would be your only option if not for AMZA Capital’s referral partner program. We designed this program specifically to be as beneficial as possible for small lending firms with big clients. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Future reciprocals for clients who return
  • Generous commissions, compensation rates, and referral fees
  • Short payment delay after closure

Note that at this time, AMZA Capital is only signing up new referral partners who can refer commercial real estate loans of $250,000 or higher (Purchase, Refinance, Rehab, Ground-Up Development). Our strong preference is for loans of $500,000 or higher in small balance commercial or ground-up development of 5+ unit multi family buildings. Also looking for ground-up development deals of $4 million or higher for commercial buildings, mixed-use, retail, hospitality, self-storage, assisted living.

When you refer a client to AMZA Capital, you never have to worry about whether or not we can meet their needs. Because we are nationally recognized, we can provide financing for even the biggest real estate deals. Plus, we prioritize serving all our clients, both those who came to us directly and those who were referred to us. We have a team of financial experts to work alongside every client and determine the best way to finance them. So consider becoming a partner of AMZA Capital.

Working With AMZA Capital

In addition to offering an excellent referral program, AMZA Capital is looking for professionals to join our team. If you know all about how to prepare a loan and explain complicated financial concepts to clients, you would fit right in at AMZA Capital. Give us a call today to learn more about all the different benefits of joining our team.