Your Next Construction Project with AMZA Capital

Unlocking the Potential of Your Next Construction Project with AMZA Capital

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Finance Your Subdivision

In the dynamic world of commercial real estate development, having a reliable financial partner can be the difference between a project’s success or its stagnation. AMZA Capital stands at the forefront of facilitating ambitious construction projects through our specialized ground-up development construction loans. Catering to a range of developments from 1-4 unit subdivisions to expansive apartment buildings and flagged hotels, our financing solutions are designed with the developer’s needs in mind.

Multifamily Construction

Multifamily Construction

Tailored Financing for a Range of Projects

Our ground-up development construction loans are perfectly suited for either suburban subdivisions (minimum loan size of $5MM) or larger projects, including 5+ unit apartment buildings and flagged hotels. Understanding the diverse needs of developers, we offer the flexibility of financing multiple properties under a single loan within the same jurisdiction, streamlining the funding process and reducing administrative burden.

Key Features of Our Construction Loans:

  • Loan-to-Cost (LTC) Ratios Ranging from 65% to 85%: We provide competitive LTC ratios to ensure your project has the financial backing it needs to move from blueprint to reality efficiently.
  • Minimum Loan Size of $5 Million: Our loans are designed to support substantial projects, ensuring that your development has the financial depth required for completion.
  • Terms up to 24 Months: With terms extending up to two years, we provide a generous timeframe to accommodate the construction timeline and market movements.
  • Interest Reserves for the Full Term: To ease the financial pressure during the construction phase, we require interest reserves for the entirety of the loan term.
  • Evidence of Vertical Permits: Before closing, borrowers must demonstrate that vertical permits are ready for pick-up or are already in file, ensuring that projects are primed for immediate progress.
  • PACE Financing Compatibility: Our loans are PACE financing friendly, with a maximum combined loan to cost (CLTC) of 80%, making sustainable development projects more feasible.
  • Experienced Sponsors Only: To qualify, sponsors must have a proven track record of similar property types and sizes, showcasing completed and either sold or stabilized inventory.

The All-In-One Loan Advantage

For experienced developers and builders, AMZA Capital’s ground-up development construction loans represent an opportunity to consolidate and streamline Acquisition, Development, and Construction (AD&C) financing. This ‘All-In-One’ loan approach simplifies the financing process, allowing developers to focus on what they do best: building and selling top-tier real estate projects.

Our loans are not just financial products; they are partnerships. We invest in your vision, your project, and your success. By working with AMZA Capital, you gain more than capital; you gain a team of experts committed to seeing your project through to its successful completion.

Empowering Your Next Project

Whether you’re planning a boutique residential subdivision or a landmark hotel, our construction loans are designed to empower your project from the ground up. With AMZA Capital, you’ll find more than a lender; you’ll find a partner dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your next construction project.

Embark on your next construction venture with confidence. Contact AMZA Capital today to learn how our ground-up development construction loans can bring your project to life.