Healthcare Financing

Here When Your Practice Needs a Shot in the Arm

Whether you’re an MD, DC, DVM, or DDS, you’re always there to help your patients in their time of need. We want to be there for you when you require healthcare financing, to support your practice through every step of its development. AMZA Capital has options available to keep you in the best of financial health if you’re looking to do any of the following:

  • Update medical equipment
  • Consolidate debt
  • Expand your current practice or acquire a new one

Lease New Medical Equipment

Your patients deserve the very best care, and to provide it, you need the best medical equipment. Whether you need a lease, a loan, or both, we provide several different payment options, with up to 50 percent of soft costs covered.

Consolidate Your Debt

Are you hemorrhaging money with multiple monthly payments and erratic interest rates? Ease your mind and relieve the pressure from your wallet. Apply for our debt consolidation program, and you could be approved in as little as one day. Once approved, you’ll make only one low payment per month

Acquire a New Practice

Healthcare professionals who are eligible can gain 100 percent financing to buy out a partner or merge with another practice.

Gain Working Capital

You’re more able than we are to diagnose where your practice needs financial help, and with a working capital loan, you can use that money wherever you need it to help your practice thrive.

It is our objective to keep your practice in peak financial condition. Contact us today to fill out a loan application or discuss further details.