Factoring has long been seen as an outdated financial tool that isn’t equipped to handle modern financing needs. However, thanks to recent technological trends, this classic form of financing is gaining ground in the commercial sector. Discover how you can connect with a factor that offers you flexible financing with an improved cash flow today.

The Rise of Factors

Factors have been gaining ground in recent years thanks to broad changes in payment terms. In the past, textile was the main industry still operating with invoices longer than 30 days. Now manufacturing, trucking, temporary staffing, and other industries are all working with extended payment terms.

Mid-sized and small businesses were particularly affected by these changes. Many business struggled to keep up the working capital that they needed for these lengthened payments. Negative cash flow can quickly eat at working capital until a business is unable to make payments on time.

Because factors rely on the credit score of your customer, you won’t have to worry about getting started immediately. Small business owners with low credit scores can still take advantage of the flexible funding and prompt response of online factors. Digital factors are easier than ever to compare and contrast and ask any questions about their terms and conditions.

The Perfect Solution

Now that factoring has connected with digital technologies, it’s even easier for small businesses to receive the financing they need. With an online factor, you can gain access to the cash you need with very little paperwork within a few days.

Digital factors are able to reach businesses across the entire nation, so they’re more specialized than ever in terms of industry. Work with a factor who understands your particular industry and can work with you to maximize your working capital and keep your cash flow positive.

Safe, Online Factors

Just a short time ago many online businesses were deemed unreliable. However, the rise of digital services has shown that reputable companies can offer online services in safe, effective ways. A digital factor allows you to further streamline the process and gain access to fast cash without traveling or waiting in long lines.

Choose a factor you can trust by reviewing their history, comparing terms and signing a contract you approve of. Whether you own small trucking business or an international textile corporation, factoring is a dynamic way to grow your business and stay flexible in times of financial hardship.