When you’re looking to fill open positions at your company, you’re likely to run into a handful of common obstacles. Above all else, you may feel like the candidates coming your way are lackluster or unqualified. Recruiting services are an excellent option for discovering in-demand professionals. Still, it can prove useful to reevaluate your preconceived notions on what potential hires are worth your time. Here are a handful of tips on how to find the best people to fill out the ranks at your company.

Ask Around

Trusting in your team can yield impressive results. When you’re looking to fill an open position, ask around the office and see if anyone has a person who might fit the job. Referrals from internal employees have been known to produce an excellent return on investment. This is primarily due to employees not wanting to ruin his or her own reputation by referring a bad worker. If someone you trust has a person in mind for an opening, take time to consider the benefits of this possibility.

Personality Traits

While recruiting services can help you find qualified candidates, you will still need to conduct an in-person interview to ensure you feel comfortable with the hire. Often, employers will be drawn to extroverted candidates. This makes sense, as people with outgoing personalities tend to make for better conversationalists during an interview. Unfortunately, introverted candidates are sometimes overlooked because they are not as sociable. Try not to base your decision entirely on personality, as you could be missing out on an introverted candidate who has the skills to lead your company to success.

Examine Your Criteria

Another common mistake employers run into during the hiring process is not having a clear vision of an ideal candidate. When you’re uncertain about what qualities you’re looking for in a potential hire, it can make the process a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Before you even begin interviews, you should sit down with members of your team and examine what kind of candidate would make a perfect fit. These parameters will make it easier for you to see which applicants are real assets.

Never Say Never

Former employees who reapply to your company should also be considered. Many employers believe rehiring an individual will produce poor results, but the opposite is usually true. While you may want to avoid certain former employees, try to keep an open mind when a familiar name appears on an application.

Recruiting services can help you discover the right people to fill open positions are your company. When you know what qualities to look for, it can make the process a lot easier for all involved.