Effective time management is an integral aspect of success in business or any other part of life. It’s easy to waste time, but it takes skill and focus to utilize it to the utmost. These techniques help you develop a time management system that allows you to accomplish your goals while achieving a reasonable work-life balance.

Make a Checklist

In the evening before your workday or first thing in the morning, compile a checklist of everything you need to do. This is an exercise that helps you set clear goals on which to focus. It gives you an immense feeling of satisfaction as you check things off your to-do list.

Prioritize Your Tasks

While compiling your to-do list, be sure to place your tasks in order of priority. You’ll have both long and short term goals. Within these goals will be milestones, or steps along the way that you’re working towards. Breaking long term goals down into steps provides more effective time management. Plan out each aspect before you start. While writing goals, be sure to make them specific and achievable. Schedule the most important tasks early in the day when you are most energetic.

Follow the Money

When prioritizing work day tasks, keep profit in mind. If one project promises a large payoff and another is ambiguous in terms of profitability, start with the one that guarantees a paycheck and keeps you in business.

Set Deadlines

Nothing shatters procrastination like a deadline. Once you have your to-do list in place, set hard deadlines for the accomplishment of tasks wherever possible. For long term goals, set dates for their overall completion and partial deadlines for achieving steps along the way. To remind yourself of deadlines, put them on paper calendars on your wall and digital calendars on your phone or computer so that you are continually reminded of them.

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