Not all groups of employees who work together fit the definition of a team. Some groups are loose conglomerates of individuals that function mainly on their own, whereas a team is an interdependent entity whose members count on one another for success. Here are some tips that can help bring cohesion to your business teams.

Have Common Purpose

The foundations of business teams are the goals that all the members have in common. Discuss what your goals are, and make sure everyone is on the same page. To clarify the purpose of your team, create a team charter that establishes expectations, guidelines, and boundaries of behavior. Review it together periodically, and share it with every new member.

Monitor Progress

Once you’ve established your business team, conduct a survey to verify everyone’s united vision on crucial topics such as communication, trust, and commitment. On a quarterly basis, retake this survey to be sure that your team is properly developing. Ongoing informal conversations also help assess progress. Keep interrelationships close in your business teams with occasional teambuilding exercises.

Acknowledge Individuality

All the members of your business teams bring unique skills and talents to the table, and you should acknowledge the individual contributions of each one. Engage in frequent dialog to draw out insights and ideas from the wealth of knowledge and talent that your members possess.

Enjoy the Ride

To relieve stress, promote levity in your business teams. Encourage team members to share laughter through jokes and humorous videos to loosen up and encourage bonding. Additionally, celebrate your team victories by having an office party or going out to a meal together. Offer these relaxing digressions during office hours as an acknowledgment of appreciation and so that employees don’t miss out on family obligations and other commitments.

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